Our Story

It all started with a rain jacket in 1983 – not just any rain jacket, but one we believed in from its purpose to its performance. A rain jacket so inspired by our New England roots it later became known as “The New Englander.” Since 1983, we’ve expanded beyond that first rain jacket to create a line of high-quality apparel for the whole family. One thing that hasn’t changed, we continue to stay true to our New England roots, designing outerwear that withstands the change in seasons so you can make the most of your everyday adventures.

As New Englanders, we know one thing about the weather, it’s unpredictable. For over 35 years, we’ve been to fine-tuning our collection to equip and prepare you for your own everyday adventures. Our balance of stylish lifestyle designs and high-quality, reliable materials keeps you ready for whatever the day throws your way.

Rain or shine, we’re here when you need us.


Respectful | Customer Obsessed | Building Genuine Relationships | Delivering Quality & Excellence | Striving for Continuous Improvement


We are committed to our customers by helping them reach success and delivering quality apparel.
We are committed to our communities by giving back to those in need.
We are committed to our employees by creating a culture that embraces family values.
We are committed to being a good global citizen and creating a sustainable work environment.
We are committed to you.

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