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Engineered Materials Solutions, headquartered in Attleboro, MA (USA) with production sites in Baoying (China) and Hamburg, PA (USA) traces its origins back to 1916. They have been manufacturing Clad Materials since their founding company, General Plate Company, was established 100 years ago. Today, EMS are experts in metallurgically bonding dissimilar metals. They produce a variety of “laminated” materials that can offer distinctive properties, where one material alone could not.

Clad metal designs can present a myriad of advantages including weight savings and increased corrosion resistance, while being cost-effective. With the expertise and technology to join these materials, various desired goals, such as safety, regulation and control solutions for electrical, appliance or other markets are accomplished.

Most notably, EMS has developed substitutes for Nickel and Copper Alloys in a new multi-layer composite, TiCuNiZr. Thermostatic Bimetals are also part of their specialty product portfolio.  They are the world’s largest producer of Thermostatic Bimetal, producing more types in strip and parts form, than any other manufacturer.

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