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About Us

Framingham State University features one of the most established international English language programs in the MetroWest region. We offer a wide variety of English programs for beginners to advanced learners that help you improve your English language skills, for your job, communicating effectively in a business environment, and preparing for further college or university study.

Join our international student body in the study of English in a welcoming, student-centered environment. Study remotely or with some in-person meetings starting January 27, 2021.

Take the opportunity to improve your life. You can study in the Intensive English Program (daytime); Community Program (evening and Saturdays); Bridge to University and Professional success Program; or our Individualized Study Plans and Tutoring Program. Our teachers are master-level instructors and will help you at any level–beginner, intermediate, advanced, or professional.

Improving your English will help you to achieve your professional goals. The English Language Programs at Framingham State University will be the bridge to accomplish your dreams.  Registration is now open for Spring 2021 courses (beginning January 27, 2021).


Registration is now OPEN

Hybrid Intensive English Program Morning and Afternoon Classes

Remote Evening and Saturday ESL courses

Remote Bridge to University and Professional Success Program

Remote Individualized Study Plans and Specialized Tutoring Program


  • QUESTIONS?Email us at, call 508-626-4958 or fill out a contact form below!Our office speaks Portuguese, Spanish, & French

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