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The MassHire Metro South/West Career Center (MSWETA, Inc) is currently hiring!

MassHire Metro South/West is an entity that is comprised of organizations that synergistically work together to ensure the workforce in the Metro South/West region is healthy and thriving.

The MassHire Metro South/West Career Centers provide valuable help to low-income and/or unemployed adults looking to support their families in a competitive labor market. Job seekers are given the opportunity to upgrade their skills, making them more employable, and offered useful resources such as career counseling and resume building software. These services open countless doors and make a difference in the lives of prospective employees and employers alike.

Available Positions

NOTE: Do not submit applications on the JobQuest website. Use the application form below to apply for any jobs listed. MassHire Business Service Representatives are working directly with each employer to ensure resume review and employer feedback.

Apply to the MassHire Metro South/West Career Center