Pursue a Career that Loves You Back

Working at Little Sprouts is so much more than a job in daycare. It’s the chance to make a lasting difference. Our staff dedicates their careers to helping children, families, and each other. We dedicate the majority of our tools and resources to recognizing, supporting, and promoting our teachers and leaders.

Discover a rewarding career in early education and child care. More than just a job, Little Sprouts offers personal and professional opportunities to empower your career and embolden your passions.

On-The-Job Training Opportunity

Little Sprouts has teamed up with the MassHire Metro South/West Career Centers to provide this opportunity as an On-The-Job Training Opportunity which means that job seekers with little experience could have the opportunity to work while they train On-The-Job with Little Sprouts to learn the skills needed to become certified in the state of Massachusetts!  This opportunity is only available for those who qualify under WIOA guidelines.

For more information, please contact: Jennifer McKenna, MassHire Business Services Representative- JMcKenna@masshiremsw.com

Available Positions

NOTE: Do not submit applications on the JobQuest website. Use the application form below to apply for any jobs listed. MassHire Business Service Representatives are working directly with each employer to ensure resume review and employer feedback.

Natick Pre-School / Pre-K Teachers- JQID 14473705
Concord Pre-School / Pre-K Teachers- JQID 14473706

Dedham Pre-School/Pre-K Teachers- JQID 14475662
Norwood Pre-School/Pre-K Teachers- JQID 14475680

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