The learning standards in the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks set expectations for what all students should know and be able to do by the end of each school year. When students use the three steps to research careers and reflect on their learning by filling out the Reflection Form for each chosen career, they can meet many of those learning standards. When educators, parents, or guardians facilitate discussions with their students about their learnings, they have a chance to meet even more.

We have prepared a PDF for you that includes a list of educational standards that may apply when you use these tools with your students.

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Youth Programs

Summer Employment
Job Corps
Career Scholarship
Career Connections
world of work


Teacher Externship Program

This program offers eligible teachers a chance to learn more about the industries of business partners and earn a stipend.

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Connecting Activities

Learn about ways students can experience the world of work through career awareness and exploration programs.

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Professional Development Tutorial

This topic outline provides an introduction to some of the key areas of professional development that are important for our work in the Connecting Activities initiative.

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Career Development Education Guide

This guide provides a strong framework for methods to provide career preparation in our middle and high schools.

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Elements of Model Internship Programs

The internship guide provides tips for starting an internship program, along with examples of forms and materials from programs throughout Massachusetts.

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Career Exploration for Career Counselors

Are you a Career Counselor? We have resources picked specifically for Career Counselors. Click below to explore!

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Learn how to use the MassHire MSW Career Exploration platform in three easy steps!

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Download a list of the Massachusetts educational standards and find more helpful resources.

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View a site map of the entire MassHire MSW Career Exploration platform for easy browsing.

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